Mike Shukis

"Injury Prevention"

August 08, 2022

How many hours are wasted every day thinking or talking about "injury prevention?" Two, three, four? I think it's way more than necessary.

"Injury-prevention training" is a popular buzzword. Coaches and trainers waste hundreds of hours a year focusing on preventing injuries. But there's no point. That term is used for marketing anyways.

The problem I have with injury prevention is that nobody can define it. Everyone seems to have all the answers, but people still get hurt. How can this be?

With decades worth of "progress," things seem worse than ever. That's because they are.

We have all the new gadgets. Bar speed trackers. Readiness monitors. GPS devices. And on and on and on.

But it's all a waste of time. Yes, all of it.

You might be thinking I'm crazy. And maybe I am. But, if you're like me, I bet you wonder how people continue getting hurt. How rest can be scheduled, training can be tracked, and practices made easier, and yet people still get hurt.

Here's a secret: People will always get hurt. It doesn't matter if they play sports or lay on the couch. Injuries happen. It's not a matter of if, but when.

The goal is not to prevent them; it's to manage them well. It's to do everything possible to avoid them, but also to be ready when you get injured. This is not rocket science.

How do you do this? Get stronger. Life is easier for the strong person. It's much easier for a strong person than a weak one.

Everything's hard when you're weak. Walking up the stairs takes more out of you. Picking stuff up from the ground is harder. And getting off the couch takes more effort when you're weak.

So don't try to prevent injuries from happening. You'll chase your tail for decades. Like 90% of people currently are.

Instead, focus on getting strong. And start right now. It never hurts to be stronger today than you were yesterday.

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