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Leaders Show People What to Do

September 11, 2022

Leaders are the example. Think of all the people we see as good leaders. They do the right things at the right times. That's being a good example.

Good leaders show people what to do. They live out their words. Bad leaders tell people what to do. They expect others to do what they aren't willing to do. One is a good example. The other isn't.

Leadership is a choice. It's not something we're born with or given. Leaders choose to do the right things.

I'll use a training example to illustrate the point. Think of two different coaches. One takes their training seriously, the other doesn't. One tells people what to eat and how to train, but they eat poorly and don't train themselves. The other person eats well and takes their training seriously. And then they guide people to do the same. Which one is a better example? Which one is more helpful?

As leaders, we need to choose our words carefully. Realize they have power and don't use too many of them. The words we use are important. They can build people up or tear them down. Choose them carefully.

Remember that what we do matters more than what we say. Our example is our most powerful asset. Choose to do the right things.

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