Mike Shukis

Choose Big Movements

August 31, 2022

Big movements are always better than small ones. What do I mean by "big" movements? I mean the ones that involve the most muscle mass.

Let's compare two movements. Think about the back squat and the leg extension. You need your whole body to squat. You need to use your lower body, your upper body, and everything in between. Everything has to work together to squat a barbell.

Now, think about the leg extension. Do you need everything to perform a leg extension? No, you don't. In fact, you don't need much of anything. You can sit down, grab your phone, and text your friends while you do a set of extensions. What a worthless movement.

My point is that big movements are better for progress. Leg extensions might make you sore, but they aren't effective long term. Squats are effective. They require your full body to work together to perform the movement. The more of your body that works at once the better. It's better for sport and life performance.

Bigger movements—like the squat and deadlift—are better. Small movements—like the leg extension—are mostly useless. When in doubt, choose big movements. You'll look better and feel better because of it.

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